Muddy Ball


Mud Volleyball?

YES! It's just like beach volleyball except you don't sand in your private get mud!! It's really fun and something you will sign up for year in and out. 


Athletic wear that you don't mind getting very very muddy. 

Sneakers are required,  No cleats of any kind. Duct tape is also required to keep your shoes attached to your feet. 

Protective eyewear is recommended. 

Whatever ends up in mud, becomes mud. Keep your valuables away from the court.


Parking is available on-site.  We do encourage you to carpool or use ride sharing apps to keep at least one of your cars clean. 


Private VIP only access bar area.

Private VIP only restrooms.

VIP parking

NO-LINE ACCESS at Registration Premium Tent area for your team.

Dedicated restroom and handwashing Station


Refreshments are available on site including food trucks, water, beer & wine. 

Coolers are not permitted.  Outside food and drink is not permitted. 



Legare Farms is a working farm with real plants and animals. 

The Owners are not responsible for wild animals including feral pigs that may stray onto the Premises. Any person going onto an area surrounding the Premises that is not licensed under this agreement is trespassing and the owners of Legare Farms and Muddy Ball LLC will not be held responsible


You are required to sign a waiver to participate in Muddy Ball.  You are not required to sign a waiver to watch Muddy Ball. 


This is a NO-SMOKING event. 

Smoking of any kind is prohibited on Legare Farms.  We do this to protect the environment and the animals from harm.  This is a home before it is an event space, we must protect it.  Anyone caught violating these rules will be immediately asked to leave and disqualified from the tournament. 


While we acknowledge your 2nd amendment rights, for the safety of participants we ask that you do not bring weapons of any kind into the event space, ESPECIALLY the mud courts.  

Please lock your personal, legal weapons in your vehicle during the event. 


Tournament Basics

Each team will be guaranteed at least two official Muddy Ball matches.

Each match will be 20 minutes in length.  The highest scoring team after 20 minutes will be determined the winner.  The 1st match is for tournament seeding.  Teams will be seeded into the Muddy Ball tournament based on their overall score in the 1st match.  

Each team will then be entered into a single elimination tournament consisting of 64 teams.  The final team with no losses during the tournament will be crowned the champion. 


Each team is allowed 6-12 players. Each player must be 18+

6 players is the court minimum, 8 players is the court maximum. Substitutions are allowed during rotation. Teams must be co-ed with at least 2 females on court at all times. 

General Rules

Closed toed shoes and duct tape wrapped around shoes is mandatory no exceptions.

At the mandatory team captain meeting, you will be given your assigned time and court for your first match. You must be at the field 30 minutes prior to your match and all your paperwork including waivers should have been turned in and approved so you are ready to go. You will not be allowed to take the court if your paperwork is not in order. Any team arriving late to their match forfeits their game (set).

Each team will be guaranteed 2 games. The 1st game is considered for tournament seeding at the discretion of event organizers.  The 2nd game will begin the single elimination tournament. 

Each game is timed, the winner with the most points after 20 minutes is considered the winner.

12 players max per team, 8 players max per court. Players must be at least 18 years of age, no exceptions.   Proof is required upon entry.

Each team must always have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 players on the court.  The only co-ed rule in effect is that there must be always at least two females on the court.

Members of a team may only play on one team during the event.  Players will not be allowed to switch to other teams. Players caught playing on two teams will cause both teams to forfeit.

Event organizers will open mud volleyball courts for exhibition matches between teams if you wish to play more mud volleyball.  People who did not participate in the tournament are not allowed to play in courts.  Any non-participant will be asked to leave the premises.

Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in forfeit or removal from the tournament and grounds. Unsportsmanlike conduct can be from or directed toward players, referees, spectators, or officials and include arguing, profanity, gestures, and physical attacks.

Children under 18 years of age are not permitted in the mud pits. NO EXCEPTIONS. You will be asked to leave the premises.  

No personal alcohol on event premises allowed. If alcohol is brought onto the premises, your entire team WILL BE disqualified. A cash bar will be provided at the event.

Solicitation of other events will NOT be allowed on the premises. Should solicitation of other organizations be distributed to event personnel, staff or players from a team member, your team will be disqualified.

Match Rules


The court, approximately 60 ft x 30 ft with at least a 1ft depth shall consist of a standard 7 ft volleyball net and genuine Johns Island mud. Matches will be 20 minutes in length.  Highest score after 20 minutes is the winner. 


  1. Players may rotate in at service position, before the serve, and remain in throughout the eight positions. Exceptions will be allowed in case of injury.
  2. No more than three players may be at the net at one time.
  3. Players MUST rotate in a clockwise rotation through ALL positions.
  4. The ball must be served in the right back corner of the court or behind the berm. The ball may be hit in any manner with the hand. Ball cannot be loaded with mud. Water buckets will be available to rinse the volleyballs prior to serve.


  1. Three contacts on the ball each time the ball crosses the net. A block does not count as one of three hits. A player may not hit the ball twice in succession.
  2. A point will be scored each time the ball is put into play, regardless of which team is serving. Net serves do not count.
  3. A ball may be played by any part of the body.
  4. Only the front line is permitted to spike. It is a violation to spike with two hands
  5. Crossing under the net is permitted unless it interferes with the play of the opposing team. While the ball is in play, if you touch the net it is a side-out or point for the other team. If the ball pushes the net into a player it is not considered a net violation.
  6. Open hand hits are legal provided the ball is not caught, thrown, or otherwise directed.
  7. Blocking or attacking (hitting) the serve above the net by a front row player is not legal and will result in a point for the other team.

8.Substituting will only be allowed from the serving position, except in cases of injury.

  1. Balls are called in or out by the referee. The water within the court is considered in play.

10. All rule are subject to the referee’s interpretation. The referee has the LAST call.


Team Registration

Teams can ONLY register via the official website. 

Team registration is $500.00 for a 6-12 player team. 

VIP Tents are available and recommended for teams during down time. 

General Admission

General admission tickets are available via the official website only. Do Not accept resale general admission tickets.